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Sustainability & ESG Services

At RARE, we provide our clients with a range of Sustainability / ESG services. We support the development, management and integration of sustainability and ESG strategies, that are relevant and cost effective. We collaborate with our clients at any stage of their ESG strategy, focusing on their unique needs while proposing new approaches, implementing effective programs and delivering high quality results.


Our team works with corporate clients to guide them in the development, management and integration of sustainability and ESG best practice within their organization - helping them to earn investor recognition for their efforts through effective communication and disclosure.

A selection of our services are as follows:


Sustainability / ESG Assessments

We can help you understand your organisational ESG strengths and weaknesses. Implementing strategies to help your organisation improve and raise the benchmark for your competitors


Materiality Assessments

We can assist you in identifying priority ESG topics, align your materiality against stakeholder expectations and assess these issues against your business success

Floating Solar Panels

ESG / Sustainability Strategy

We can assist in developing an ESG strategy aligned to the company’s mission and purpose, providing recommendations to improve ESG performance and outlining a process for implementation

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Sustainability / ESG Implementation

Supporting the implementation of the ESG process, including data collection, method development, communication, and training


Sustainability Software Implementation

We can implement a variety of ESG software solutions for companies such as Diligent ESG, Onyen and others  



We  write  Sustainability and Assurance  Reports for numerous public and private organisations who do not in-house sustainability teams.

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